Attention deficit

texting-girl-barn-aisle-1500Web users have started to spend less time on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and, obviously, since you read about it here, Instagram. This message was spread by Daily Mail quoting the research conducted by SimilarWeb.

The company has conducted public polls among thousands of users in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, India, Brazil, the United States and South Africa.

The result was the following: the users of Instagram are now spending 23,7% less time commenting and posting than the year before, for Twitter the number is 23,4%, Snapchat – 15,7%, Facebook – 8%.

The decrease is allegedly linked to the fact that this year the primary position is taken by the messengers, the most popular among which is WhatsApp.


shutterstock_1687752351What can be better on a sunny Friday than to chill with a cool beverage surrounded by your fellas? Literally nothing.

Unless you can make something working for you while you’re having the time of your life. Can you guess what it is?

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Dangers of reusing social media passwords

3RvEPT9U3POdLately, in the course of a brief period, a few series of hacks have been carried out on pretty much every major social network. A huge base of VK logins and passwords, along with other sensitive personal data has been exposed by an unknown group of hackers just a couple weeks after a similar attack targeted LinkedIn. Data exposed in both leaks is thought to be outdated, but the most recent events showed that it’s not entirely the truth.

The target of the hackers in yesterday’s attack was no other than His Majesty Mark Zuckerberg, the ruler of glorious Facebook and Instagram. His login and password were among the leaked from LinkedIn, and it must be said that “dadada” isn’t a very secure password. Zuck’s accounts on Pinterest and Twitter were accessed with this data by OurMine Team, who left a noticeable message about the hack.

Right after the incident, there was information about his Instagram having been hacked, which was later refused. No Facebook-owned medium’s accounts were hit. Also, there was no information about the Google+ account, but it’s unknown whether it had another password or no one just bothered to try.

There’s a lesson to be learned from this situation: with modern digital black market swarming with personal data sellers, you should not necessarily be a billionaire to have to use different login/password pairs for different networks, or you might lose them all at once.

Here you go, take a picture of happy Mark in China.

And now change your damn passwords!


22-Miami-holy-ship-beach-party.-Photo-by-stellaperformanceusa.com_Hello this is your Friday gentle reminder. Summer has come, and that’s the best news in, well, a year. Three months of unbelievable fun, pleasure and leisure, a million thrills to cheer you up, a thousand ways to spend your time. This is definitely not the time you want to waste just sitting on your sofa with your phone, that’s what winter was for. Especially if it’s not about looking at hot models, but unfollowing everybody on your list, right?

Well, it’s been a long since you know a solution to that. And it’s been a while, but not that long, since we started to offer the opportunity to promote yourself effortlessly as well, by just running fast-unfollow completely for free on its promotion mode. Now your summer can be even more relaxed and fruitful. Come, sing up and go famous. As easy as that.

Traces of future paid promotion

anonymous Wallpaper By Pcbots.blogspot.comIt’s been clear for quite a while now Instagram is definitely planning on introducing a much more thorough business profile functionality, especially analytics and other features, aimed at improving the experience of advertisers. After the last version of the application was decompiled by Elliott Murray, the head of innovation at Social Chain social media agency, it was found to include a new variable can_boost_post, that is believed to be designed to make possible to boost posts on the networking, making them appear higher in the feed.

It’s been a while since a system of promotion of sponsored posts was sought after by large advertisers. Facebook ads are available, and they appear in the feed, but there were no tools to make it more widely seen, or to learn about the performance of your ad. This recent discovery shows that it’s not long to wait now.

It is unknown so far how exactly the system will work. Is it going to be available only for business users, or for everyone? Will the boosted posts be marked accordingly, or will they just randomly appear in the feed? Will there be completely different business and regular accounts, as they will shortly require different interfaces? Instagram has refused to comment on any of that, leaving us to our imagination. Well, the changes were only found in the latest version of the app, so I guess there’s not much time left until we see this major business move.



rsz_shutterstock_281448020Hello this is your Friday gentle reminder. Instagram’s changing, and you want to follow it closely to stay relevant. The quality of the content was always a big deal, it is not for nothing that they say “Content is the King of social media”. But now, with regulations getting tougher and users becoming increasingly picky, low-quality content can become for your popularity both killer and tombstone.
This is why we so badly want you to stop wasting your time on routine actions, and focus on content. We here at fast-unfollow are doing our best to give you the most efficient time-saving tool. Before we were giving you the way to get rid of the unwanted following as quickly as possible, now we’re giving away for free the promoting features that other services would make a fortune selling. And all that only to save you the time needed to craft awesome content that would glue your followers to their screens. Stay tuned!

Bug-bounty-hunters – unite!

Fe7VoLast week was rich on negative news, concerning Instagram’s security. It was not in any way linked to a previous bug detection by a Finnish schoolboy, but the possible outcome of it was probably even worse.

Belgian bug hunter Arne Swinnen has discovered a way to brute-force Instagram passwords, which allowed him to take control of user accounts with very little effort.

During May 2016 this same researcher has found 2 major vulnerabilities, allowing to get access to any, even a very high-profile accounts. His first discovery was linked to web-based registration, the second to Instagram’s login API, but both used brute force to take over the accounts.

The issues were thought to be linked to Instagram’s poor password requirements as well as it’s almost non-existent limit on login attempts. Bug hunter was rewarded with a bounty of $5,000 for both vulnerabilities, and Facebook has toughened the password requirements, now accepting only the ones containing letters, numbers, and punctuation.

Instagram’s improvements of web-interface may open even more ways to exploit the medium, but Facebook’s rational policy of awarding the bug-hunters starts to gain traction, as large bounties motivate the hackers to report the issues, not to take advantage of them.


029e663d389886d0b7a351c3ae94a090Hello this is your Friday gentle reminder. It’s been a while that we had in mind a major update of our service. We tested it, polished it, and finally released. Now you can enjoy an almost complete overhaul of Fast-unfollow, with a whole bunch of new features for you to rock Instagram

What remained the same is that you still can unfollow people very quickly for one of the lowest prices on the market. What changed is the rest of the functionality: now you can not only get rid of people but also attract them to your account by all the possible means. And what’s the most awesome about that, is that it’s completely for free!

Yes, you got it right. The functions, for which others charge a fortune, we provide for free. Sign up, add you account and start promoting. Reach out to people you would otherwise never encounter. Grow you following without paying, and pay only to get rid of someone. Isn’t this phenomenal?

Rich Kids of China

AX9c8Cq7Once again, Instagram has become a forum where people gather and judge others. And, as it is happening quite often, the objects of judgment are rich kids, only this time of China. In this case, it’s mainly the daughters of Chinese billionaires, posting the pictures of their shoes, purses, and cars. It needs to be said that Chinese government puts a lot of effort into keeping “fuerdai” (which roughly translates as the rich second generation) from bragging about their wealth. Wealthy youth is banned from Chinese TV and reality shows, but not even President Xi Jinping is able to filter what they post to their social media accounts.
To be honest, the scale of Chinese bragging is nothing compared to rich kids of the USA, UAE or Russia, who can fit a couple of world-class models, eating premium caviar sitting atop of gold-covered hypercars on the board of a superyacht. But still, China is a country with extreme social differentiation, this is why the attempts of the government to cover it up is completely understandable. Their well-developed censorship system only favors it, preventing “regular” people from even accessing many parts of the web. Nevertheless, all the Rich Kids of Instagram communities, no matter if it’s London, Tehran or Rio de Janeiro, are extremely popular, and they vividly prove that the interest prevails over envy.


picjumbo.com_HNCK2481Hello this is your Friday gentle reminder. This week has brought us a brand new application icon and interior design. Now Instagram’s icon is flat and rainbowish, and the pages of the app itself are monochrome while the notifications are painted red. The application is now more resembling Apple’s iOS starting from 8th version, where the general direction of the design was turned to flat and colorful.
As for Fast-Unfollow, we stay intact. A major update is coming soon, but the option to unfollow up to 5 000 users in a single day is still available, and it won’t ever be gone. Instagram’s constantly improving, so keep up with it and stay tuned!