Useful answers to major questions

Instagram is a network allowing 300 million monthly active users to share 70 millions pictures per day. More and more companies start to actively operate their brand’s Instagram blog that gives an opportunity to share interesting pictures with the target audience.

If you decided to sing up in this social medium you ought to know the answers to the questions that can and will arose in the process of creating an account.

  • How to start using it?

To upload and share images with your friends and followers an app is needed. Official Instagram client is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. There’s also a web-interface with the functions limited to scrolling the news feed. Numerous third-party applications allow to use the entire set of Instagram functions from any platform, some of them even support multiple accounts. However most of such applications are fee-based, and the usage of some of them is forbidden by the administration of Instagram.

  • What image dimensions are used on Instagram?

All the images must be cropped in squares, the display resolution is 640×640 px. Although the picture of any resolution up to 4K can be uploaded and cropped in the app itself. The profile picture has a lesser size of 110×100 px. Anyway there’s always a way to crop the image, frame it or make a collage using built-in or third-party means.

  • What are the best tools for analytics and management?

Just like for the other media there is a wide variety of tools. The best of them are Iconosquare and Totems. The first is a powerful free service that gives the access to all kinds of data and statistics about different photos. Totems is also a great analytical tool designed specifically for corporate accounts. Supportive tools for account management and their functions are as numerous as the ones for editing, for example the service allows to unfollow large amounts of people in short time.

  • What level of engagement to expect?

If you look through successful Instagram accounts and want an equal amount of likes, you might want to learn the statistics: according to the researches, the world-wide famous brands get approximately 27 image interactions for every thousand followers. Its interaction rate is 4.80, while it’s only 0.25 for Twitter and 0.72 for Facebook.

  • What is the best time to post?

SumAll analysts have defined the best time to post photos – 5-6 pm on weekdays and 5-8 pm on Monday.

  • How do hashtags work?

It’s important to say that hashtags are the best way to attract the target audience. They’re a beacon for the people interested in the things you’re blog is about.

  • What amount of hashtags to use?

The majority of users consider the perfect number of hashtags to be five. It’s enough to outline the main things without trashing the photo. There’s a simple trick to avoid this “trash effect”, you can add hashtags in the comments, so they disappear from the view but are still available for the search engine


Four main steps on Instagram

Instagram is a free application allowing to post photos and videos. At the moment it’s one of the most popular social media. Of course it’s impossible to put all the information about it in one article, that’s why we’re going to take a short look over a few things crucial to start an Instagram.

1. Instagram must be installed. You’ll have to download an official application from Google Play (for Android) or AppStore (for iOS). First, you set up the Instagram app, then you set your profile, add the pictures and personal information.

2. The point of this social network is to create photos and upload them to the Instagram account so that the followers can not only view them, but also like and comment, which leads us to the conclusion that one must have as many followers as possible. How to do it? It’s simple, first it’s better to find friends from other social media and invite them to Instagram. How to drive up the number of followers in a short time? To follow someone and probably this person will follow back. It’s important to say that Instagram comments are very efficient, they spark users’ interest. All this brings new comments, likes and, of course, new followers.

3. Likes are the next step towards an account popularity. Instagram likes can be compared to a peculiar currency. If you give a Like, you will get a Like. The more likes you have, the more popular your account gets. Collecting more engaged followers, as well as likes and comments makes your Instagram more visible, which means your brand or trademark sells more (if you use Instagram as an advertising space for your production).

4.Instagram’s future. In conclusion the following must be said. At the moment this social medium is one of the most popular all around the world. It’s impossible to say nothing about the fact that the majority of organizations now promote their services on Instagram. It’s not just a gallery of photos of your face in the mirror and of something yummy from the nearest café. Primarily it’s a great platform for active promotion and business development.

The best tool for the quick unfollows!

A new amazing service – – was created to give the Instagram users a new efficient way to manage their accounts. When your profile is about to reach or even exceed the following limit it renders the account functioning much more difficult and can lead to a suspension or ban. If you plan to continue developing your account and you are concerned about how other users see it, it’’s necessary to periodically clear your following list.

Of course, you can do it manually, but to accomplish the whole task of removing superfluous subscriptions would take much more time than just an hour or two. Instagram settings allow to unfollow only about 160 users per hour. Fast-unfollow can do that for you quickly and effortlessly at an amazing rate of 5000 unsubscriptions per day.

Fast-unfollow provides numerous advantages. Aside from just unfollowing unnecesary users it helps to maintain a healthy following/follower ratio that is proved to have an impact on new subscribers. When your personal, or even more, business account has significantly more followers than it follows itself – the overall image gets much more desirable.

The service provides support for almost infinite number of instagram accounts, and every new user is granted a welcome gift of 1000 free unsubscriptions. This service helps saving time that you could have wasted on boring routine task and employ it on generating new awesome content.