The best tool for the quick unfollows!

A new amazing service – – was created to give the Instagram users a new efficient way to manage their accounts. When your profile is about to reach or even exceed the following limit it renders the account functioning much more difficult and can lead to a suspension or ban. If you plan to continue developing your account and you are concerned about how other users see it, it’’s necessary to periodically clear your following list.

Of course, you can do it manually, but to accomplish the whole task of removing superfluous subscriptions would take much more time than just an hour or two. Instagram settings allow to unfollow only about 160 users per hour. Fast-unfollow can do that for you quickly and effortlessly at an amazing rate of 5000 unsubscriptions per day.

Fast-unfollow provides numerous advantages. Aside from just unfollowing unnecesary users it helps to maintain a healthy following/follower ratio that is proved to have an impact on new subscribers. When your personal, or even more, business account has significantly more followers than it follows itself – the overall image gets much more desirable.

The service provides support for almost infinite number of instagram accounts, and every new user is granted a welcome gift of 1000 free unsubscriptions. This service helps saving time that you could have wasted on boring routine task and employ it on generating new awesome content.


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