The dos and don’ts of Instagram

Do use your imagination. Regular everyday things can look amazing when portrayed outside of the box.
Don’t take pictures only from the eye level. Everything can be pictured from different angles and points of view, so if some specific perspective is not your peculiarity – try to differ your photo style.
Do put your URL in the bio. It doesn’t matter if it links to a blog, or a site, or a youtube channel – this link is the only clickable one available, so make sure you benefit from it properly.
Don’t leave comments only asking people to follow you. Neither should you comment with hastags like #tagsforlikes or #commentforcomment, it will bring you nothing but attention seekers and spammers.
Do use filters. Although #normal is said to be the most popular filter hashtag, studies show that such photos do not get as much likes as filtered ones.
Don’t overuse filters. Just as make up, they do good when used moderately, too much editing feels like you’re trying to hide some defects.
Do post pictures of babies. People go crazy about little ones, no matter if they are human, ostrich or otter. Although be careful with the photos of (even your) kids with (even slight) nudity, they may violate Instagram’s restrictions.
Don’t post solely promotional pictures. Even if you run a brand’s account, your followers want to see more personal content, “behind the scenes” and “how it’s made”, not just your price list.


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