Efficient 5-minute-per-day Instagram marketing

It is now widely known that Instagram is a great platform for direct marketing, especially for a visual product. Just like many other media Instagram encourages users to mark their own fields of interest. For example a person posting the photos of the brand clothes they buy is a target for fashion blogs. Hashtags are becoming the main way to find the most convenient audience.
When you promote a product it’s almost impossible to go viral while being limited to one and only social medium. Most of business users prefer cross-platform promotion, which implies a very time-consuming activity. So the question is, how you can minimize the time you spend while maximizing the outcome of your actions?
Here’s 5-minute-per-day plan for you.
It’s presumed that you have an established account with a defined niche. The first two minutes you’ll have to spend on creating the content. In most cases, you should only post one picture per day, and it must evoke a certain feeling in your followers. For a travel agency a picture of sunset over the ocean will do, for a recording studio – a video of a singer in quiet room. Ideally the pictures should be taken by you, but you can repost other’s content, only remember to always give credits to the author.
From time to time the CTA (call to action) should be put in the caption. But not too often, not more than once a week.
The second step is to build your following. The other 3 minutes must be spent on hashtag search. Relevant hashtag will let you explore the users of the same niche. You can also find influential bloggers from your industry and copy their followers as they are likely to follow back. 30-50 users per day is enough, you don’t want to seem indiscriminate.
Remember, loyal and active following cannot be built in a few days. It takes months, or even years, but in course of time your community will start to extend itself, and all you’ll have to do is to create great content. Just remember to be consistent and follow the chosen style.


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