3 free editing apps for iOS

Probably the most popular photo-editing app is VSCO Cam. It works as a camera app, with the ability to specify focus and aperture settings. It also has a large choice of films and its own news feed.
Visual Supply COmpany, the creator of the VSCO Cam, is famous for its emulations of classic and modern analogue films. At first their presets were used in Adobe Lightroom, but then they took over the mobile market and quickly became very popular among mobile photographers. The app also offers a large amount of adjustment tools that many find the most useful of all.
Oggl is an app by the authors of Hipstamatic, one of the most popular camera app of all time. it has the same set of lenses and films as its famous ancestor, but it allows changing the filter after you took a picture. It makes the app very flexible and open for experiments with the endless combinations of films. The basic kit of free filters may be amplified with additional purchase.
The app that occupies a place almost in every “must-have” list of Instagram-related editors. Snapsees offers a set of standard editing tools as well as some unique features including vintage and grunge filters, and, the most important, Selective Adjustment tool that allows editing of a specified area of the image. Its main advantage is the simplicity of usage. Interface is highly intuitive, most of the operations can be carried out with a simple slide of finger.


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