Useful tools for Instagram

Third-party applications have become necessary tools in building a good Instagram community. While a personal account can be easily managed with the help of built-in means of Instagram, a business profile needs a lot more complicated tools.

1. Iconosquare is the leader when it comes to analytics. It’s a web-based management tool allowing to easily track user engagement and interact with massive follower list. With the means of Iconosqure you can check what kind of posts bring you the most, so you can concentrate your efforts on creating the efficient content. The most of its functions are free, but you can pay to receive more detailed stats, get access to a contest creation tool, and get rid of ads on the site.
2. Repost user content.
Instagram is all about the engagement, and there are not too many things that can drive it up as efficiently as sharing content of your loyal followers. It’s very important to find and reshare high-quality user content, as it can stimulate others to share your content in return. Repost app allows to accomplish it much more easily than Instagram itself (official app doesn’t allow it at all), and it also gives credits to the author, which is a must.

3. Wordswag to enliven your images. Pictures with text over the unobtrusive background are very popular on Instagram. No matter if it’s a joke, an inspirational quote or your motto, Wordswag gives you a wide range of fonts to add to a picture. It can also be helpful if you want to add your signature to a photo so it can be easily recognisable.


Hello, this is your Friday gentle reminder!

Let’s start with a philosophical question: what is the most valuable resource available for us, mere human beings? Of course it is time. With unlimited amount of time everything is achievable, but nothing is infinite, including the amount of hours and energy you can let yourself spend on a social medium, even such a great one as Instagram. That’s why we’re here, to facilitate your endeavor.

Discovering other people’s art is always great, but also very time-consuming. When you first encounter an artist, no matter if is it’s a #NatGeo photographer or a camera boy in a night club, you can like or dislike their pieces. But it takes time to evaluate them, and eventually you are not going to want to follow some of them and waste time interacting with the content they produce. And then, we’ll be there for you.
We care about your time. We want you to create something great and not spend your precious time completing boring tasks like unfollowing unwanted users. Build your following, discover new stuff, and when it’s time – get rid of up to 5000 of those who’s not engaged per day. Once again, we care about your time and we don’t charge for it, but only for unfollowing actions you undertake. If you don’t deal with such large numbers – take advantage of free 1000 unsubscriptions we’ll give you upon the registration. Take care!

Things to avoid on Instagram

  • Setting account as private. It’s a proven way to stop the growth of your follower number. It makes people unable to like your pictures without following and hides the content from new viewers.
  • Leaving you bio and profile picture blank. Bio is not just the only place with clickable links, it’s your social media face, that’s why many people will base their opinion about you on this little section at the top of the screen. 
  • Posting the same type of images over and over again. Selfies, food pictures, nail pictures, inspiration quotes – there are all great, but not separately. Unless you’re @kimkardashian getting done the second book of selfies. Mix the content so your followers are content.
  • Posting numerous images within a small time-frame. Especially if they’re all pretty much the same. @asvpxrocky lost about 100.000 followers after posting a series of blank images.
  • Ignoring the comments. Leaving your opinion below the Instagram pictures is the best way to increase engagement, so don’t neglect it. Also don’t forget about following other people, mutual following is a great way to build up the audience.
  • Ignoring hashtags is as bad as the previous point. It’s the main way for interested users to find you. Moreover, it’s pretty much the only way to get discovered by Instagram built-in means.

Ratio and brand-image

Hello, this is your Friday gentle reminder. Many Instagram accounts created for personal purposes are then used for business. But a person wandering through the wilderness of Instagram in search of picturesque, unique content gathers a lot of followings, many of whom are not worth following. So, when it’s time to switch the Instagram activity from personal to business, the ratio is usually unbalanced, with the number of followers much lesser than followings. It may seem to be a negligible aspect, but the studies show that accounts with such ratio are perceived as less wanted and indiscriminate. This is one of many cases, in which Fast-unfollow can come in handy.

With our service you can render the ratio well-balanced. Local brands prefer it to be 1:1 to show their reciprocation towards the customers. Small companies keep it 1:10 so their feedback actions are visible. For big corporations or celebrities it’s almost incalculable, as they may have millions of followers and follow just a dozen people. Or none.

Your follower-to-following ratio always sends a message about you, and it’s only up to you to decide what this message tells. We can efficiently help you to lower the number of followings, and we can do it fast! 5000 unsubscriptions per day is enough for everyone, if it’s not – feel free to tell about it in comments. And if you are not a major social media manager you can benefit from 1000 unfollows that we’ll give you for free after the registration. Shape your brand-image with us!

Smartphone photography tricks

  • If you take photos with your iPhone, make sure you use the standard app, as it is generally much better than any other. For backlit photos VSCOCam is considered the best as it gives the ability to set focus and exposition on two different points. Actioncam App is the best for action photos.
  • Never zoom, just move closer to the object, unless you have a lens for optical magnification.
  • Turn on the grid lines, they allow to follow the rule of thirds more easily.
  • Take more than only one shot. It’s always better to delete unnecessary ones than to spoil a one-in-a-lifetime shot.
  • Take advantage of the golden hour, the time shortly after sunrise and before sunset, when sunrays are less intense and the light is more soft.
  • And finally one of the main rules for any kind of photography, which is quite simple: hold your camera steady. No matter what you use – DSLR, vintage film camera or your smartphone – even a slightest movement can get your shot blurry and less sharp, which is always bad. Rest your elbow on something, or lean against a wall to gain more stability. Using a tripod can also be a good idea.

Instagram uses Facebook algorithms for advertising and promotion

Instagram has started to use data and algorithms of its parent company – Facebook – for promotion and advertisement. It concerns especially the methods of the targeting system.

Now over 2 million of advertisers who publish commercial advertisement on Facebook will automatically get an offer to place their advertisement on Instagram as well. So far the geography of this service only covers the following countries: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and Brazil. Even these countries were receiving the access one after another, so the service coverage may be expanded shortly.

Let us remember that Facebook’s senior management has bought the photosharing service three years ago for $1 billion. Now the number of monthly active Instagram users has reached 300 million users. RBC Capital Markets’ analyst Mark Mahaney expects this number to grow up to 400-520 million of monthly active users.