Smartphone photography tricks

  • If you take photos with your iPhone, make sure you use the standard app, as it is generally much better than any other. For backlit photos VSCOCam is considered the best as it gives the ability to set focus and exposition on two different points. Actioncam App is the best for action photos.
  • Never zoom, just move closer to the object, unless you have a lens for optical magnification.
  • Turn on the grid lines, they allow to follow the rule of thirds more easily.
  • Take more than only one shot. It’s always better to delete unnecessary ones than to spoil a one-in-a-lifetime shot.
  • Take advantage of the golden hour, the time shortly after sunrise and before sunset, when sunrays are less intense and the light is more soft.
  • And finally one of the main rules for any kind of photography, which is quite simple: hold your camera steady. No matter what you use – DSLR, vintage film camera or your smartphone – even a slightest movement can get your shot blurry and less sharp, which is always bad. Rest your elbow on something, or lean against a wall to gain more stability. Using a tripod can also be a good idea.

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