Ratio and brand-image

Hello, this is your Friday gentle reminder. Many Instagram accounts created for personal purposes are then used for business. But a person wandering through the wilderness of Instagram in search of picturesque, unique content gathers a lot of followings, many of whom are not worth following. So, when it’s time to switch the Instagram activity from personal to business, the ratio is usually unbalanced, with the number of followers much lesser than followings. It may seem to be a negligible aspect, but the studies show that accounts with such ratio are perceived as less wanted and indiscriminate. This is one of many cases, in which Fast-unfollow can come in handy.

With our service you can render the ratio well-balanced. Local brands prefer it to be 1:1 to show their reciprocation towards the customers. Small companies keep it 1:10 so their feedback actions are visible. For big corporations or celebrities it’s almost incalculable, as they may have millions of followers and follow just a dozen people. Or none.

Your follower-to-following ratio always sends a message about you, and it’s only up to you to decide what this message tells. We can efficiently help you to lower the number of followings, and we can do it fast! 5000 unsubscriptions per day is enough for everyone, if it’s not – feel free to tell about it in comments. And if you are not a major social media manager you can benefit from 1000 unfollows that we’ll give you for free after the registration. Shape your brand-image with us!


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