Things to avoid on Instagram

  • Setting account as private. It’s a proven way to stop the growth of your follower number. It makes people unable to like your pictures without following and hides the content from new viewers.
  • Leaving you bio and profile picture blank. Bio is not just the only place with clickable links, it’s your social media face, that’s why many people will base their opinion about you on this little section at the top of the screen. 
  • Posting the same type of images over and over again. Selfies, food pictures, nail pictures, inspiration quotes – there are all great, but not separately. Unless you’re @kimkardashian getting done the second book of selfies. Mix the content so your followers are content.
  • Posting numerous images within a small time-frame. Especially if they’re all pretty much the same. @asvpxrocky lost about 100.000 followers after posting a series of blank images.
  • Ignoring the comments. Leaving your opinion below the Instagram pictures is the best way to increase engagement, so don’t neglect it. Also don’t forget about following other people, mutual following is a great way to build up the audience.
  • Ignoring hashtags is as bad as the previous point. It’s the main way for interested users to find you. Moreover, it’s pretty much the only way to get discovered by Instagram built-in means.

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