Hello, this is your Friday gentle reminder!

Let’s start with a philosophical question: what is the most valuable resource available for us, mere human beings? Of course it is time. With unlimited amount of time everything is achievable, but nothing is infinite, including the amount of hours and energy you can let yourself spend on a social medium, even such a great one as Instagram. That’s why we’re here, to facilitate your endeavor.

Discovering other people’s art is always great, but also very time-consuming. When you first encounter an artist, no matter if is it’s a #NatGeo photographer or a camera boy in a night club, you can like or dislike their pieces. But it takes time to evaluate them, and eventually you are not going to want to follow some of them and waste time interacting with the content they produce. And then, we’ll be there for you.
We care about your time. We want you to create something great and not spend your precious time completing boring tasks like unfollowing unwanted users. Build your following, discover new stuff, and when it’s time – get rid of up to 5000 of those who’s not engaged per day. Once again, we care about your time and we don’t charge for it, but only for unfollowing actions you undertake. If you don’t deal with such large numbers – take advantage of free 1000 unsubscriptions we’ll give you upon the registration. Take care!


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