Useful tools for Instagram

Third-party applications have become necessary tools in building a good Instagram community. While a personal account can be easily managed with the help of built-in means of Instagram, a business profile needs a lot more complicated tools.

1. Iconosquare is the leader when it comes to analytics. It’s a web-based management tool allowing to easily track user engagement and interact with massive follower list. With the means of Iconosqure you can check what kind of posts bring you the most, so you can concentrate your efforts on creating the efficient content. The most of its functions are free, but you can pay to receive more detailed stats, get access to a contest creation tool, and get rid of ads on the site.
2. Repost user content.
Instagram is all about the engagement, and there are not too many things that can drive it up as efficiently as sharing content of your loyal followers. It’s very important to find and reshare high-quality user content, as it can stimulate others to share your content in return. Repost app allows to accomplish it much more easily than Instagram itself (official app doesn’t allow it at all), and it also gives credits to the author, which is a must.

3. Wordswag to enliven your images. Pictures with text over the unobtrusive background are very popular on Instagram. No matter if it’s a joke, an inspirational quote or your motto, Wordswag gives you a wide range of fonts to add to a picture. It can also be helpful if you want to add your signature to a photo so it can be easily recognisable.


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