Celebrity tips: what you should do on Instagram

Some say that to get popular on Instagram you have to be either very famous in real life, or very rich and eager to show it, or beautiful and photogenic. Many others disagree and we are on their side: anyone can become famous, so here are 6 tips from hot & wealthy stars on how to make your Instagram better.

@blakelively: Tip: open your mouth when you smile—like you’re having the time of your life

@laurenconrad: Instagrams don’t always have to be square. While I prefer most of mine to be squared off, I do think some photos can look much better when they are horizontal or vertical. There are many apps out there to help you size a horizontal image appropriately for Instagram while keeping the background clean. Try using Whitagram or Afterlight.

@kendalljenner: We actually like to keep it really simple. It’s all about knowing your light and angles

@songofstyle: Natural lighting is always best

@taylorswif: What gets tricky is when something great happens and you didn’t capture it, then you feel this sense of loss. That sense of loss and anxiety that you didn’t get to your phone fast enough then completely overtakes the magic of the moment that just took place. So lately, I’ve learned to really live my life, and not worry so much about documenting every split second of it. The most magical, exquisite, spontaneous things happen when there is no time to grab your phone.

@kimkardashian: Posting more than three photos from one event is in poor taste, as it clogs up your followers’ feeds. Stick to three or fewer, and you’re in the social media clear.


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