SARUK_20091112_09941-1It can’t be stressed enough how important the social media is in general nowadays. Different communication services link millions of people on daily basis allowing them to perform different tasks. Now Instagram has become a platform of support for thousands of muslim refugees fleeing the violence in their countries. Photographers from all over the world are documenting every step of people seeking better and safer lives in Europe, and some of the photos are so powerful, depicting vividly the struggles of migrants, that they deserve a place in the National Geographics’ annual collection.

@Zalmai, an Afghan born Instagrammer living in Lausanne, Switzerland, covers the lives of refugees that succeeded in their attempts to get to a safer place.@somiriahi, a freelancer based in Iran is more focused on lives of ethnic minorities in the Middle East, such as Iraqi Kurds or Iranian Turkmen, many of whom had to flee their regions because of rising tensions. @xmd101, an independent photographer mainly based in Belgrade, Serbia, is on the frontline of South-eastern Europe, showing the ties of the newly arrived.

The coverage is made from many different angles and points of view, from American journalists in Beirut to Pakistani bloggers in London. Nothings beats the witness opinion, and the ocular demonstration of how terrible is the life of a refugee can seriously improve the attitude towards them in their new homes.