Hello this is your Friday gentle reminder. Hopefully it’s been a great week for you, with a lot of fun, and you had some quality time practicing new Instagram feature – Boomerang – and made a couple great loops. Now that weekend has come, it’s time to go outside and try to shoot some action with your friends. Remeber that there’s not only video selfie mode, the main idea of Boomerang is to capture breathtaking actions and let you rewatch it endlessly.
New features mean there’s going to be even more good content which in its turn means your time on the medium is getting even more valuable. You don’t want to waste it on people from whom you’ll never receive feedback or even a sign of slightest interest, do you?
That’s what fast-unfollow is for, to help you to get rid of people not engaged in the life of your community. When you realize your newsfeed has become spammy and you can’t track even your favorite channel’s activity – we’ll be there for you! With us you can unfollow more than 150 users per hour, an unreachable number for any other similar service. We do care for your time, and we do want you to spend it with people genuinely interested in your media life.



boomerang2Just when you thought “they made everything possible to be the best”, Instagram has rolled out a new awesome feature – Boomerang! It is an app allowing to shoot looping videos of an innovative kind, whose main application is capturing the motion and making it perpetual.

The app itself is as simple as the other Instagram’s apps, separated from the original one – Layout or Hyperlapse. The interface is limited to one simple button that launches the recording. The video itself is not exactly a video, it is a 3 second-long, infinitely rolling forward and backward clip made of 10 pictures. Even the official blog obviously had trouble defining the new format: “It’s not a photo. It’s not a gif. It’s a Boomerang”. The gifs composed similarly to boomerangs were viral on Tumblr a while ago, but there was no special term for it until now.

Considering that more than 100 000 boomerangs were uploaded in the first 3 days, including the ones from accounts of Justin Bieber, Pharrell Williams, MTV and many others, you can say it is going to get pretty popular. It is too early to talk about vine- and coub-killer, but the share of gifs shown on mobile devices will definitely shrink. Instagram updates expand its reach lately, biting giant pieces of online ads, photo and video sharing markets. Considering the recently improved direct messaging and highest-of-all-networks level of engagement, our beloved Instagram has a slight chance to replace its step-father – Facebook – on the media throne.

Beautiful-Journey-Wallpaper-HD-WidescreenHello this is your Friday gentle reminder. You surely had an amazing
week, full of pleasant and memorable moments, souvenirs of which will be forever captured in your Instagram profile. But positive memories stored in your feed are not always so pleasant for the viewers. Sometimes all of us get jealous and the urge to unfollow everybody can be unbearable. Or, even if you’re an enthusiastic explorer, sometimes you get bored wandering about, you want to erase all the marks on your map and stop following all those Instagrammers that one day you had liked, so you can start the exploration all over again without the weight of your previous discoveries.

If a day like this comes, fast-unfollow will be your glass of water in a burning desert, it’ll be your pencil rubber able to wipe all the checkpoints of your journey, leaving only those where the nearest and dearest ones, your true followers, are always waiting for your return. Completely resetting your entire instalife will only take two days, as the tool is capable of accomplishing 4 000 unsubscriptions per day. Start the purge today with 200 free unfollows that will be granted after the registration.

photo-1431538510849-b719825bf08bAs it was announced earlier this month, Instagram advertisement is now available to all the marketers willing to take advantage of one of the best advertising tools in existence – Facebook’s newly presented Marquee, described as “a new premium product that helps drive mass awareness and expanded reach in a short time frame—perfect for events like movie premieres and new product launches”. Also the ad coverage has been expanded, and now it covers not only the major European and American countries, but also Russia, South Africa, Chile, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Israel, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Spain, Argentina and Mexico. It’s the biggest expansion since Instagram has adopted advertising on November 1, 2013 only for US.

Instagram ads are now available for purchase via Power Editor, the Instagram Ads API and select Facebook Marketing Partners. At first the advertisement was only available for a pre-selected list of brands, but now any marketer can use the famous Facebook’s targeting features. 30 seconds long videos, new delivery and optimization tools, freshly introduced landscape format – these are all features, supporting both brand awareness and direct-response objectives, including website clicks and website conversions. Advertisers, are you ready to rock?

11821326_1639637246311743_1477208352_nHello this is your Friday gentle reminder. Autumn leaves have already started to discolor to yellow, wind is getting colder and the sun dawns earlier. With the end
of the summer comes the time to let go of some things that should be left to the heat of the moment. We all have found new stuff during these three months, but not all of it is to be carried into a chilling darkness of the fall.

Random new acquaintances, music festivals, mass bike rides, contests – it’s just the beginning of a very long list of accounts you may have started following during this time period, and most of them are certainly not worth your attention any longer. Furthermore, they might distract you from the beauty of the fall by reminding you of hot rejoicing of a summer day. But you do know the way out, don’t you?

Yes, of course it is fast-unfollow that can help you get rid of upsetting prompts along with unwanted followings, and it can do it fast – up to 4 000 unsubscriptions per day must be enough. If the summer didn’t affect your Instagram so dramatically, the first 200 we’ll give you for free will be more than enough. Prepare you accounts, winter is coming!