11821326_1639637246311743_1477208352_nHello this is your Friday gentle reminder. Autumn leaves have already started to discolor to yellow, wind is getting colder and the sun dawns earlier. With the end
of the summer comes the time to let go of some things that should be left to the heat of the moment. We all have found new stuff during these three months, but not all of it is to be carried into a chilling darkness of the fall.

Random new acquaintances, music festivals, mass bike rides, contests – it’s just the beginning of a very long list of accounts you may have started following during this time period, and most of them are certainly not worth your attention any longer. Furthermore, they might distract you from the beauty of the fall by reminding you of hot rejoicing of a summer day. But you do know the way out, don’t you?

Yes, of course it is fast-unfollow that can help you get rid of upsetting prompts along with unwanted followings, and it can do it fast – up to 4 000 unsubscriptions per day must be enough. If the summer didn’t affect your Instagram so dramatically, the first 200 we’ll give you for free will be more than enough. Prepare you accounts, winter is coming!


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