Hello this is your Friday gentle reminder. Hopefully it’s been a great week for you, with a lot of fun, and you had some quality time practicing new Instagram feature – Boomerang – and made a couple great loops. Now that weekend has come, it’s time to go outside and try to shoot some action with your friends. Remeber that there’s not only video selfie mode, the main idea of Boomerang is to capture breathtaking actions and let you rewatch it endlessly.
New features mean there’s going to be even more good content which in its turn means your time on the medium is getting even more valuable. You don’t want to waste it on people from whom you’ll never receive feedback or even a sign of slightest interest, do you?
That’s what fast-unfollow is for, to help you to get rid of people not engaged in the life of your community. When you realize your newsfeed has become spammy and you can’t track even your favorite channel’s activity – we’ll be there for you! With us you can unfollow more than 150 users per hour, an unreachable number for any other similar service. We do care for your time, and we do want you to spend it with people genuinely interested in your media life.


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