SplitShire-8881Instagram has announced something that millions of close-to-professional users were wishing happened years ago – multiple account functionality. For everyone from social media managers to local business owners the struggle of constantly logging in and out in to different accounts is too well-known. Just as is the fear of posting something very personal to the business account for thousands to see.

Numerous apps to solve the problem were swarming the App Store and Google Play, but none of them offered full functionality. Shortly Android users will cheer the latest update allowing to easily toggle between different accounts without having to log in every time. Let’s hope iPhone users will get to facilitate their Instagram accounts management as soon as possible.

So far the feature is being tested by the Instagram beta test group to be son released on Android. You can join the testing group and get to try it before the official launch in the store. The exact date of release, as well as the form in which it’ll be offered to final users is to be discussed yet, but the fact this feature is being tested is already promising. 


photo-1447876394678-42a7efa1b6dbHello this is your Friday gentle reminder. We live in a dynamically changing world, and our favorite social medium isn’t standing aside; moreover, it’s one of the leaders of digital movement! It is a place of numerous happenings of different kinds: from technology evangelists spreading the word about latest innovations to social activists defending orphans and cripples, from body-shaming trolls to rising pop-stars.

Brands are gathering their customers, painters achieve acknowlegdement, photographers get their fame. Burgers are getting even tastier and models are becoming even hotter. Everything changes.

Except for us. We’re still here for you. No matter if you’re happy or sad, excited or exhausted, famous or unknown – we all know “who you gonna call” when you need to get rid of a couple thousand useless followings. Some digits may change, but we’re still the fastest unfollowing service capable of getting done over 2000 unsubscriptions in a single day. We still give away free unfollows. We still care for your time. Good luck!

2DDD7A6A00000578-0-Taking_the_world_by_storm_is_Miami_the_adorable_Chihuahua_who_do-m-54_1446039592390Third-party developers of Instagram-related applications ring the alarm: it was announced, that since 17th November no new applications will be allowed to access Instagram’s API. By the next June 1st, all the existing applications will be reviewed to be suitable for new regulations. In the first place, the changes concern the apps reading the feed, so the entire class of alternative “Instagram-viewers” that were swarming in application stores will shortly perish.
This radical change is thought to be provoked by the InstaAgent, a third-party Instagram reader that was caught collecting and using usernames and passwords in plain text, unencoded, which means unprotected and potentially compromising. Instagram is not to be blamed for the security failure because it strongly advises users not to use any such apps for this exact reason.

The ban does not stop from working other apps for photo-editing or viewing own images. A new, more secure API is said to be tested and released in near future. For now Instagram removes potentially harmful apps like InstaAgent from AppStore and Google play to minimize the risks. Users of iPad and Mac will experience the most trouble as the native Instagram app is not supported on these devices. Viewers like Webstagram, Retro, Flow, Padgram etc. will be no longer available.

dan-flavin-2Hello this is your Friday gentle reminder. Minimalism is great, isn’t it? Nothing excessive, only the necessary. That’s what we can prodly say about fast-unfollow – it’s refreshingly minimalistic.

We know the needs of people looking for a way to mass unfollow quickly. They need no sophisticated functionality, nor flamboyant design, only speed, stability and safety. And that’s exactly what we offer.

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0922AT_HPARADE1EDK0677_SC_4749This year Halloween, one of the most widely covered events when it comes to image based social media, has not only seen a gigantic variety of beautiful and terrifying costumes, but it was also a testing area for a new feature – curated video stream. It is allegedly an upcoming feature designed to highlight the most important events, showing the most high-quality and viral video content linked to a specific occasion.

The feature is found in the explore tab, and it was a unique experience for Instagram users accustomed to direct interaction with content producers. In the nearest future the section is said to be streaming the videos from all the major events. Although it may seem that the feature is very similar to Snapchat’s Live and Twitter’s Periscope, Instagram will pick over the best things to show.

The global trend is moving towards even more visual content, so the development of different kinds of video is an absolutely logical step. We all want to not just know, but to see what’s going on in every corner of the planet in the most epic moments, and now on New Year’s Eve all the 400 million monthly active users will be able to see what’s going on both on Times Square and Champs-Élysées without even leaving the dinner table.