2DDD7A6A00000578-0-Taking_the_world_by_storm_is_Miami_the_adorable_Chihuahua_who_do-m-54_1446039592390Third-party developers of Instagram-related applications ring the alarm: it was announced, that since 17th November no new applications will be allowed to access Instagram’s API. By the next June 1st, all the existing applications will be reviewed to be suitable for new regulations. In the first place, the changes concern the apps reading the feed, so the entire class of alternative “Instagram-viewers” that were swarming in application stores will shortly perish.
This radical change is thought to be provoked by the InstaAgent, a third-party Instagram reader that was caught collecting and using usernames and passwords in plain text, unencoded, which means unprotected and potentially compromising. Instagram is not to be blamed for the security failure because it strongly advises users not to use any such apps for this exact reason.

The ban does not stop from working other apps for photo-editing or viewing own images. A new, more secure API is said to be tested and released in near future. For now Instagram removes potentially harmful apps like InstaAgent from AppStore and Google play to minimize the risks. Users of iPad and Mac will experience the most trouble as the native Instagram app is not supported on these devices. Viewers like Webstagram, Retro, Flow, Padgram etc. will be no longer available.


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