photo-1447876394678-42a7efa1b6dbHello this is your Friday gentle reminder. We live in a dynamically changing world, and our favorite social medium isn’t standing aside; moreover, it’s one of the leaders of digital movement! It is a place of numerous happenings of different kinds: from technology evangelists spreading the word about latest innovations to social activists defending orphans and cripples, from body-shaming trolls to rising pop-stars.

Brands are gathering their customers, painters achieve acknowlegdement, photographers get their fame. Burgers are getting even tastier and models are becoming even hotter. Everything changes.

Except for us. We’re still here for you. No matter if you’re happy or sad, excited or exhausted, famous or unknown – we all know “who you gonna call” when you need to get rid of a couple thousand useless followings. Some digits may change, but we’re still the fastest unfollowing service capable of getting done over 2000 unsubscriptions in a single day. We still give away free unfollows. We still care for your time. Good luck!


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