10155209_801956623166262_909621017_nHello this is your Friday gentle reminder. Good news, everyone, two-thirds of the winter have passed, so if you share our passion to gentle warmth of spring, as well as burning heat of summer, it’s time for a mini-celebration! Although this winter, logically continuing the hottest year in the history of meteorology, is so far anything but cold, last week some states were hit by a severe snowstorm named Jonas. We wish them luck and safety!

Even though nights shorten, they’re still long and dark. How happy we are to have Instagram brightening our loneliness! Discover new people, places and events, and when you hit the limit, when your baggage is too heavy to carry – come here. Come to fast-unfollow and let us take care of it. 2000 guaranteed unsubscriptions per day – it’s Mister Proper for Instagram!

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Growing bigger

AcBqrDFAccording to Instagram’s chief operating officer Marne Levine, the integration of advertising between Facebook and Instagram is swiftly increasing. The most popular photo-sharing app up-to-date benefits greatly on Facebook resources, and this year it is thought to be targeting small businesses as a part of parent company’s expansion strategy.

Acquired by Facebook three years ago for 1 billion, today Instagram has about 400 million monthly active users, with 75% of them living outside the US. At the DLD technology conference in Munich, VP Global Policy @marnelevine stated: “When we launched ads two years ago, ads were available in just eight countries. In September, we opened for business in around 200 countries… What you’ve mostly seen so far is bigger brands and bigger businesses using advertising to connect with consumers”. But worldwide advertising availability is not the only objective for this year. “I think what you’ll see in 2016 is small businesses starting to advertise more and take advantage of this platform.” – she added.

To summarize the news, in 2016 Instagram is aiming at expanding their target reach globally and becoming more friendly to small businesses. Considering the estimated growth up to 520 million users and expected sales generation of $1,5-2 billion, Instagram is going to surpass Twitter by the end of this year. So prepare to get even more amazing unique content from even more exotic locations!

Your Friday gentle reminder this is your Friday gentle reminder. What is the most valuable and the most ephemeral phenomenon, that casts its shadow upon every single thing in our lives? Of course it is time. Everything is achievable when you have it, so many people waste almost all of their time trying to figure out the way to save it. But the trick is to set the priorities well, and to define what is important and needs your direct involvement, and what can be left to ripe all by itself. We thought about it, and here’s what came to our minds.

Instagram is a beautiful place, but it’s so vast you can literally spend the entire life scrolling through it. But Instagram, just like your memory, isn’t infinite. Sometimes you need to get rid of something from the past, and if in your head this process is organically automated, Instagram needs some efforts to accomplish it. And this was our aim – to have them gone.

Not effort neither time are now required to clean out your following. You only need to add an account and click “Start” button, fast-unfollow will unsubscribe from about 2 000 users per day. We don’t know anything even remotely as fast, if you do – please share it in the comments. And don’t miss the deal: we’re giving 200 free unfollows to every new user, be sure to claim it.

12545291_1551926095130619_1744006991_nTo brighten up your Monday, let’s take a look at two nice and positive accounts, whose main characters are both not quite usual: one about a very lucky man – @thisguysthelimit, and one about a very bossy cat – @yoremahm.

Our first hero’s name is Erik Bragg (@thisguysthelimit), and last week he has allegedly become one of three people to win the record-breaking Powerball jackpot of 1.6 billion dollars. Or he said so. Pro-skater posted a selfie with a winning lottery ticket, that later was found out as photoshopped. It is so far not clear whether he won or not, but he definitely attracted a lot of attention to himself, boosting his Instagram following to 112k and collecting more than 130k likes on the selfie with the ticket.

Our second star is the unique cat who’s not only capable of bossing around the dogs – nothing unusual about that – but to take selfies on his owner’s GoPro! And his favorite background is two tough-looking Rottweilers. A picture posted in said Instagram was reposted to @9gag where it went viral collecting over a million likes, and it’s easily explainable: you don’t see “me and my gang”-styled photos taken by a cat every day, don’t you? So, if you don’t like that “on the internet no one knows you’re a cat”, now you know the way to let them know.

And, in the end, here’s an unphotoshopped picture of the cat winning $1.6 bln in the lottery.

Your Friday gentle reminder

Silje_NorendalHello this is your Friday gentle reminder. It is quite a widespread opinion that the main reason of Instargam’s overwhelming success is its mobile nature. Almost two centuries have passed after daguerreotypes with their enormous silver-covered plates and age-long exposures were trendy, and, happily, the technological progress have brought us much easier and faster ways to take pictures. But Instagram made something nobody else seemed to be thinking about, it made it possible to not just take a photograph on-the-go, but to spread it around the world in a split-second.

That’s why the mobility is what we care about so much. As a service aimed at saving your precious time, fast-unfollow must be available at all times, this is why we made it so independent from the device you’re currently using. All you need is a browser on a stationary or mobile device to start unfollowing, but while the project is running you may be sleeping at your day work, pranking people at a grocery store or chilling in Himalayas – we’ll get the work done. Enjoy this beautiful winter, get into a snowball fight, rest by the fireplace, warm up with hot cocoa – and let us deal with your unfollowers. Good luck!

Instant news: just add water

relander-4-640x640In the middle of this snowy winter, when the holidays have passed, let’s get nice and comfy, poor the biggest mug of tea and take a look at the news of Instagram.

Probably the biggest one, although it’s not that new, is the full-featured release of the curated video feed. It was reviewed some time before, so there’s no need to fall into details, enough to say that it can be found in the “Explore” section of the app, it’s called Spotlight and it’s said to be designed to attract more attention to the video as it is the secondary type of content on Instagram. The feature may be a game changer since not many vloggers use Instagram, giving precedence to specialized mobile media like Vine or Coub.

Lately Instagram has seen a massive fight about Madonna’s parenting. She’s being accused of controlling her children too much while they have to follow her on the numerous tours. The story seems to continue, so stay tuned.

The biggest scandal has risen around the banned post of an anti-rape enthusiast allegedly raped while promoting her campaign in South Africa. The post was deleted for “not following community guidelines”, but it was reposted and went viral anyway. The crime is now being investigated. The suspect was arrested and then bailed out, now waiting to return to the court after the further probing.