Instant news: just add water

relander-4-640x640In the middle of this snowy winter, when the holidays have passed, let’s get nice and comfy, poor the biggest mug of tea and take a look at the news of Instagram.

Probably the biggest one, although it’s not that new, is the full-featured release of the curated video feed. It was reviewed some time before, so there’s no need to fall into details, enough to say that it can be found in the “Explore” section of the app, it’s called Spotlight and it’s said to be designed to attract more attention to the video as it is the secondary type of content on Instagram. The feature may be a game changer since not many vloggers use Instagram, giving precedence to specialized mobile media like Vine or Coub.

Lately Instagram has seen a massive fight about Madonna’s parenting. She’s being accused of controlling her children too much while they have to follow her on the numerous tours. The story seems to continue, so stay tuned.

The biggest scandal has risen around the banned post of an anti-rape enthusiast allegedly raped while promoting her campaign in South Africa. The post was deleted for “not following community guidelines”, but it was reposted and went viral anyway. The crime is now being investigated. The suspect was arrested and then bailed out, now waiting to return to the court after the further probing.


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