12545291_1551926095130619_1744006991_nTo brighten up your Monday, let’s take a look at two nice and positive accounts, whose main characters are both not quite usual: one about a very lucky man – @thisguysthelimit, and one about a very bossy cat – @yoremahm.

Our first hero’s name is Erik Bragg (@thisguysthelimit), and last week he has allegedly become one of three people to win the record-breaking Powerball jackpot of 1.6 billion dollars. Or he said so. Pro-skater posted a selfie with a winning lottery ticket, that later was found out as photoshopped. It is so far not clear whether he won or not, but he definitely attracted a lot of attention to himself, boosting his Instagram following to 112k and collecting more than 130k likes on the selfie with the ticket.

Our second star is the unique cat who’s not only capable of bossing around the dogs – nothing unusual about that – but to take selfies on his owner’s GoPro! And his favorite background is two tough-looking Rottweilers. A picture posted in said Instagram was reposted to @9gag where it went viral collecting over a million likes, and it’s easily explainable: you don’t see “me and my gang”-styled photos taken by a cat every day, don’t you? So, if you don’t like that “on the internet no one knows you’re a cat”, now you know the way to let them know.

And, in the end, here’s an unphotoshopped picture of the cat winning $1.6 bln in the lottery.


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