Your Friday gentle reminder this is your Friday gentle reminder. What is the most valuable and the most ephemeral phenomenon, that casts its shadow upon every single thing in our lives? Of course it is time. Everything is achievable when you have it, so many people waste almost all of their time trying to figure out the way to save it. But the trick is to set the priorities well, and to define what is important and needs your direct involvement, and what can be left to ripe all by itself. We thought about it, and here’s what came to our minds.

Instagram is a beautiful place, but it’s so vast you can literally spend the entire life scrolling through it. But Instagram, just like your memory, isn’t infinite. Sometimes you need to get rid of something from the past, and if in your head this process is organically automated, Instagram needs some efforts to accomplish it. And this was our aim – to have them gone.

Not effort neither time are now required to clean out your following. You only need to add an account and click “Start” button, fast-unfollow will unsubscribe from about 2 000 users per day. We don’t know anything even remotely as fast, if you do – please share it in the comments. And don’t miss the deal: we’re giving 200 free unfollows to every new user, be sure to claim it.


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