Hodsock-Priory-close-up-of-snowdrops-e1441110857686Hello this is your Friday gentle reminder. The winter is finally coming to its end, are you all as happy as we are? If you don’t live in Australia, you probably are quite excited with this fact. What will the coming spring bring us? Who knows, but it’s definitely something fun, bright and warm.

Just as always by the end of a season, it’s time to ask yourself a question: of all that I have gathered, what should I keep, and what should I get rid of? Of course, a Christmass sweater from granny and a hand-made greeting card from your valentine are to be kept, but what about those countless people you followed during these slow snowy days?

You know the answer – #fastunfollow them! If you’re not familiar with our service and this answer confuses you – just look it up! Be sure to get registered ASAP so we can notify you when in a few days we’ll roll out a new awesome special offer that you definitely don’t want to miss.


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