It’s gettin’ better!

DSC_0007_1250 (1)Behold, Instagram lovers! Last week, apart from the alterations in feed algorithm, something much more pleasant and long-expected happened. We’ve all been hoping for his for a long time, and now our dreams (at least partly) have come true: our favorite social network has added a new set of functions to its web-interface.

Not to string you along, there’s no way to do what so many people are desperately dreaming about: posting from the web. Nevertheless, the number of actions that are possible to perform in a web version have increased thanks to new activity tab, showing the information, identical to the notification tab in the app.

Another precious addition is the ability to not just follow and unfollow people, but to see the lists of followers and following. The update is not a game-changer, it will not affect deep aspects of the medium’s functioning, but for social media enthusiasts and exceptional Instagram lovers, it will give more flexibility and accessibility.



photo-1438109491414-7198515b166bHello this is your Friday gentle reminder. Instagram is changing so fast that even a weekly overview can’t keep up with it. We’ll take a look at their latest update – additional functions of the web interface – next Monday. Now is time for a little intrigue.

We here at Fast-Unfollow are constantly working on the improvement of the service to move with the time. And now we are preparing a major update that, we hope, will revolutionize the field of Instagram unfollowing. We’ll keep the details a secret, in order to make this surprise even more pleasant.

If you are not registered yet – be sure to do so, and we will notify you as soon as the service is upgraded. The update doesn’t imply any changes in pricing policy, it will only give you a large kit of new promotion tools that will be available for you completely free of charges.

New feed algorithm

DeathtoStock_Medium10It was announced earlier, that Instagram was going to launch a new feed sorting algorithm shortly. They didn’t make us wait too long, and now it’s officially released. The algorithm itself is thought to be similar to the one of Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, it will take into account different characteristics, like the account who made the post, or time of the day it was published. Users allegedly miss about 70% of their feed, to minimize the loss is the aim of this update. But that’s not all.

The sorting system will work in favor of sponsored posts as well. With Instagram’s now tested and proven promotion mechanisms of ad targeting, you will receive some amount of paid images among your followings’ posts. This is one of the reasons why users are so angry with this news. The other aspect was reflected in today’s TechCrunch article “The death of Instagram for brands”, where they analyze how the alteration of the basis of the real-time feed will affect user experience.

We here at Fast-Unfollow will not jump to conclusions as we are pretty confident in Instagram and Facebook’s administration, but still we can’t help but express our concerns about possible future infringements by both users, trying to avoid the filtering or benefit from it, and companies, who would have nothing else to do but to buy advertising, without carrying about decent media profile.


Businessman with baby is to late.Hello this is your Friday gentle reminder. Apart from pleasant warmth, March has brought some news that elicited a contradictory response. Instagram has announced, that during next few month they will implement an algorithm, filtering the content and deciding what to show in the top of the feed. It’s evident, that the system will resemble the one of the Facebook. This news seems to have only two types of recipients: those who love Facebook and adore such a change, and those who appreciated how direct and straightforward Instagram had been before.

Good thing is, no matter how the platform changes, we will be there for you. Fast-unfollow is here to stay, we still offer the quickest unfollowing service in existence with the lowest price. Follow us on social media and check your e-mail to be the first to know about our special offers, share it to get free unfollows, sign up today and get 200 unfollows completely free of charges. Turn it on, have a nice weekend, and get an account perfectly cleared off of unfollowers by the next week!


tumblr_nif6eiyZjM1u5n2hyo1_1280The Georgia Tech researchers have analyzed over 2.5 million posts on Instagram from 2011 to 2014. All these posts are linked with one subject – pro-eating disorder supporters, i.e. anorexy propagandist. The researchers discovered that for every banned hashtag there were about 40 new versions that are just slightly different from the original. For example “thighgap” became “thightgap” and “thygap” etc.

As the result, the usage of banned words has lowered, while their altered versions bloomed. Posts containing these words cannot be found in the search, but they still can be posted, although if a modified version of a tag is used, searching is possible.

The research has found that new hashtags get about 15-30% more comments and likes than originals. The Georgia Tech has proposed another way to deal with the problem: “Allow them to be searchable. But once they’re selected, the landing page could include links for help organizations,” said Chancellor. “Maybe the search algorithms could be tweaked. Instead of similar terms being displayed, Instagram could introduce recovery-related terms in the search box.”


Sakura_photos_1-1600x900Hello this is your Friday gentle reminder. It’s almost time for one of the most beautiful traditions known to the human race – Hanami, a Japanese national custom of enjoying views of fruit trees in full blossom. It’s so calm, so picturesque under a plum tree shedding gentle light rose petals, with sun rays shilly-shally reaching your skin with the gentle touch. It’s the time of rebirth.

It’s the time to rip off old scapes and burst into blossom of new Instagram introductions. Get rid of all the people you were following in a couple days, and start following other new ones! There’s no way to make it faster than with Fast-Unfollow. Sign up and get 200 unfollows for free to check how amazingly quick it is.For our friends from the southern hemisphere – have a great autumn, and don’t forget to prepare your accounts to be able to handle the amount of beach pictures from northerners that will soon flood your feeds. Make some room for summer hotties!

For our friends from the southern hemisphere – have a great autumn, and don’t forget to prepare your accounts to be able to handle the amount of beach pictures from northerners that will soon flood your feeds. Make some room for summer hotties!

Instagram celebrity news

comment_0AvROwknh3pOH0oexiXo9Xk74uGNU7lUInstagram is a place where many famous people share episodes of their lives. Sometimes it’s the episodes themselves, sometimes the way they are represented, sometimes the personas involved – there’s always something attracting attention. Let’s have a look at what news went viral during last week.

The Wired has overviewed Donald Trump’s profile and analyzed his enormously successful campaign. He is known to have a massive support on Twitter, and now he’s also winning Instagram with 1.1 million followers on the medium, with the closest competitor – Hillary Clinton – having just over 900k. His style is nothing like other candidates’: he acts like a normal famous Instagrammer by showing how he’s rich, cool, rude and unfiltered. If it’s not the real Donald Trump,” says Kerric Harvey, a media professor at George Washington University, “it’s close enough”.

Curtis James Jackson III, a.k.a. 50 Cent has filed bankruptcy and then posted photos of stacks of money. As these pictures were questioned by the bankruptcy judge, the rapper claimed they were fake. The situation remains ambiguous as 50 Cent is thought to be trying to avoid a 7 million compensation to Lastonia Leviston, who won $7million in a sex-tape dispute against him.

And the last news doesn’t seem new: Kim K. once again tried to break the Internet, and she once again was very close to success. Her nude selfie went viral, collecting almost 1.5 million likes in 2 days. Not bad. But here’s another number from Kim: last year she earned $80 million from the mobile game. 80 million, Carl! Buzzfeed calculated the income and realised she’s making roughly 240k per day, i.e. 2.75 bucks per second. From a video game! Let that sink in while we’re looking for some more crazy news from Instagram.