Instagram celebrity news

comment_0AvROwknh3pOH0oexiXo9Xk74uGNU7lUInstagram is a place where many famous people share episodes of their lives. Sometimes it’s the episodes themselves, sometimes the way they are represented, sometimes the personas involved – there’s always something attracting attention. Let’s have a look at what news went viral during last week.

The Wired has overviewed Donald Trump’s profile and analyzed his enormously successful campaign. He is known to have a massive support on Twitter, and now he’s also winning Instagram with 1.1 million followers on the medium, with the closest competitor – Hillary Clinton – having just over 900k. His style is nothing like other candidates’: he acts like a normal famous Instagrammer by showing how he’s rich, cool, rude and unfiltered. If it’s not the real Donald Trump,” says Kerric Harvey, a media professor at George Washington University, “it’s close enough”.

Curtis James Jackson III, a.k.a. 50 Cent has filed bankruptcy and then posted photos of stacks of money. As these pictures were questioned by the bankruptcy judge, the rapper claimed they were fake. The situation remains ambiguous as 50 Cent is thought to be trying to avoid a 7 million compensation to Lastonia Leviston, who won $7million in a sex-tape dispute against him.

And the last news doesn’t seem new: Kim K. once again tried to break the Internet, and she once again was very close to success. Her nude selfie went viral, collecting almost 1.5 million likes in 2 days. Not bad. But here’s another number from Kim: last year she earned $80 million from the mobile game. 80 million, Carl! Buzzfeed calculated the income and realised she’s making roughly 240k per day, i.e. 2.75 bucks per second. From a video game! Let that sink in while we’re looking for some more crazy news from Instagram.


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