Businessman with baby is to late.Hello this is your Friday gentle reminder. Apart from pleasant warmth, March has brought some news that elicited a contradictory response. Instagram has announced, that during next few month they will implement an algorithm, filtering the content and deciding what to show in the top of the feed. It’s evident, that the system will resemble the one of the Facebook. This news seems to have only two types of recipients: those who love Facebook and adore such a change, and those who appreciated how direct and straightforward Instagram had been before.

Good thing is, no matter how the platform changes, we will be there for you. Fast-unfollow is here to stay, we still offer the quickest unfollowing service in existence with the lowest price. Follow us on social media and check your e-mail to be the first to know about our special offers, share it to get free unfollows, sign up today and get 200 unfollows completely free of charges. Turn it on, have a nice weekend, and get an account perfectly cleared off of unfollowers by the next week!


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