New feed algorithm

DeathtoStock_Medium10It was announced earlier, that Instagram was going to launch a new feed sorting algorithm shortly. They didn’t make us wait too long, and now it’s officially released. The algorithm itself is thought to be similar to the one of Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, it will take into account different characteristics, like the account who made the post, or time of the day it was published. Users allegedly miss about 70% of their feed, to minimize the loss is the aim of this update. But that’s not all.

The sorting system will work in favor of sponsored posts as well. With Instagram’s now tested and proven promotion mechanisms of ad targeting, you will receive some amount of paid images among your followings’ posts. This is one of the reasons why users are so angry with this news. The other aspect was reflected in today’s TechCrunch article “The death of Instagram for brands”, where they analyze how the alteration of the basis of the real-time feed will affect user experience.

We here at Fast-Unfollow will not jump to conclusions as we are pretty confident in Instagram and Facebook’s administration, but still we can’t help but express our concerns about possible future infringements by both users, trying to avoid the filtering or benefit from it, and companies, who would have nothing else to do but to buy advertising, without carrying about decent media profile.


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