Hello this is your Friday gentle reminder! Instagram is an ever-changing platform, constantly improving all the sides of its functioning. Just like its mother company – Facebook – Instagram never stops seeking new ways to please the users, but at the same time, they implicitly tout the virtue of innovations. Although, like with the recent feed update, the improvements are often received ungraciously.
When we judge a news, the first impression is not always the correct one. It doesn’t matter what aim they have in mind, Instagram only wants to serve you better. But its frequent alterations bother many conservative users who appreciated the simplicity and straightforwardness that initially attracted them.
In the time of great changes, it’s always nice to have something steady to hold on to. Like fast-unfollow, your loyal servant. At any time when you need a deep cleansing of you account – be our guest. Fastest unfollowing tool for Instagram offers you best prices and quickest pace. We won’t ask why you unfollow, but we will perform it at maximum speed with minimum risk. Take care!

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