OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHello this is your Friday gentle reminder. Strangely, this week went without any major occurrences on the medium, except for one funny accident that happened to a British mother who shared a picture of a cake. Instagram’s algorithms decided that the icing on the cake seemed like breast, and blocked both the picture and the account. Later on, the situation was clarified, the account was restored and the official apologies were presented.

It seems that Instagram’s antagonism towards women breasts will not languish anytime soon. Without going into specifics, let’s just express the hope that #freethenipple movement will finally take over the right to show whatever they want.

And as usually on Fridays, don’t forget that you still have some unfollowing to do, and there’s no better way than to ask for our help in this matter. Just like with other obligatory chores, it’s always pleasant to put it on someone else’s shoulders, and we are happy to offer you ours. Except for us, no one else is able to sweep out 5000 unwanted units per day. Get things done while having rest!


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