Instarockin’ Celebs

11311327_898523006850108_874786970_nInstagram seems to have taken its foot off the gas, letting people get used to its recent innovative updates, so it’s time to take a look at stars in terms of their social media routine.

Kloe Kardashian, the least popular Kardashian on Instagram, except for her sister Kourtney, continues the family tradition to wash dirty linen in public. She was trying to come together with her ex Lamar Odom, but things don’t seem to work out for them, which was the reason behind Kloe’s “letting go” letter. But while it’s not about Kim and Kanye, the story doesn’t even seem to begin to be interesting.

Second news from Hollywood sparkled after Modern Family’s Ariel Winters posted numerous beach shots. Having recently turned 18, Ariel seems to have become very confident of her body, especially after breast reduction surgery she had this winter. It looks like her older screen-sister from Modern Family, Sarah Hyland, will have to soon be worried about her nerdy sisters’ Instagram fan base that will shortly be bigger than some European countries’ population.

The last story shows clearly how huge Instagram has become as a news medium. Russian model Irina Shayk and Hollywood playboy Bradley Cooper have made an official confirmation of their relationships on Instagram by posting the first picture together. Faces are not visible in the picture, but loyal fans immediately recognized Bradley’s chest hair. Well, let us wish this beautiful couple eternal love and express the hope they won’t be a reason for another break-up scandal.


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