photo-1460750860062-82a52139a0d6Even though it’s a couple days late, May the fourth be with you, fellow follower! And may the May be with you. Forever. But May the 4th, as well as May in general, occurs every year, while it’s unique for Facebook to pay $10 000 to a 10-year old boy. Finnish schoolboy has won Zuckerberg’s “bug bounty” for exploiting the flaw in the comment section, allowing to delete anyone’s comment. “Even Justin Bieber’s” – he said. Well, good luck with your new bike and football, little youtube-coding-taught genius!
Coming back to Bieber, the singer has hit a record of 3.6 million likes on his throwback picture with Selena Gomez, beating last year’s indubitable leader – Kendall Jenner. Was it for picture’s blurriness, or Selena’s short “Perfect” in the comments – but fans of both celebrities exploded with enthusiasm about them getting together.
As for us, we don’t throwback, we don’t exploit bugs, we only give you the perfect tool for unfollowing. 5 000 unfollows per day, bonuses, special deals – sign up today, don’t miss the opportunity! And stay tuned.

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