Paola Antonini as a role-model

10817888_1064146183623584_1031395079_nThe path to success can be tough and menacing, but those doomed to succeed will not escape their destiny. In 2014, a Brazilian model Paola Antonini (@paola_antonini)  has survived a tragic car accident, after which she has lost her left leg. Unlike many other accident survivors, she decided to go without hiding her prosthetic limb. She decided to continue to live like nothing tragic ever happened.

And hell, she does! Apart from keeping herself in great modelly shape, she shows her followers that with positive attitude and access to modern medicine even a physically challenged person can conduct a life full of joy. Pictures of this strong young woman are inspiring, and she seems like a good role-model for girls with various disabilities, trying to live a happy life despite the everyday struggle.

Even classic “two sausages”-type of beach pictures seems unique because in Paola’s case it’s more like “a sausage and a metal joint”. And actually she can be a new trend-maker: if regular fashion is one of Instagram’s biggest fields, a new amputee-fashion modeling can bloom as well, thanks to courageous and adventurous people like Paola Antonini.


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