Rich Kids of China

AX9c8Cq7Once again, Instagram has become a forum where people gather and judge others. And, as it is happening quite often, the objects of judgment are rich kids, only this time of China. In this case, it’s mainly the daughters of Chinese billionaires, posting the pictures of their shoes, purses, and cars. It needs to be said that Chinese government puts a lot of effort into keeping “fuerdai” (which roughly translates as the rich second generation) from bragging about their wealth. Wealthy youth is banned from Chinese TV and reality shows, but not even President Xi Jinping is able to filter what they post to their social media accounts.
To be honest, the scale of Chinese bragging is nothing compared to rich kids of the USA, UAE or Russia, who can fit a couple of world-class models, eating premium caviar sitting atop of gold-covered hypercars on the board of a superyacht. But still, China is a country with extreme social differentiation, this is why the attempts of the government to cover it up is completely understandable. Their well-developed censorship system only favors it, preventing “regular” people from even accessing many parts of the web. Nevertheless, all the Rich Kids of Instagram communities, no matter if it’s London, Tehran or Rio de Janeiro, are extremely popular, and they vividly prove that the interest prevails over envy.

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