029e663d389886d0b7a351c3ae94a090Hello this is your Friday gentle reminder. It’s been a while that we had in mind a major update of our service. We tested it, polished it, and finally released. Now you can enjoy an almost complete overhaul of Fast-unfollow, with a whole bunch of new features for you to rock Instagram

What remained the same is that you still can unfollow people very quickly for one of the lowest prices on the market. What changed is the rest of the functionality: now you can not only get rid of people but also attract them to your account by all the possible means. And what’s the most awesome about that, is that it’s completely for free!

Yes, you got it right. The functions, for which others charge a fortune, we provide for free. Sign up, add you account and start promoting. Reach out to people you would otherwise never encounter. Grow you following without paying, and pay only to get rid of someone. Isn’t this phenomenal?


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