rsz_shutterstock_281448020Hello this is your Friday gentle reminder. Instagram’s changing, and you want to follow it closely to stay relevant. The quality of the content was always a big deal, it is not for nothing that they say “Content is the King of social media”. But now, with regulations getting tougher and users becoming increasingly picky, low-quality content can become for your popularity both killer and tombstone.
This is why we so badly want you to stop wasting your time on routine actions, and focus on content. We here at fast-unfollow are doing our best to give you the most efficient time-saving tool. Before we were giving you the way to get rid of the unwanted following as quickly as possible, now we’re giving away for free the promoting features that other services would make a fortune selling. And all that only to save you the time needed to craft awesome content that would glue your followers to their screens. Stay tuned!

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