Traces of future paid promotion

anonymous Wallpaper By Pcbots.blogspot.comIt’s been clear for quite a while now Instagram is definitely planning on introducing a much more thorough business profile functionality, especially analytics and other features, aimed at improving the experience of advertisers. After the last version of the application was decompiled by Elliott Murray, the head of innovation at Social Chain social media agency, it was found to include a new variable can_boost_post, that is believed to be designed to make possible to boost posts on the networking, making them appear higher in the feed.

It’s been a while since a system of promotion of sponsored posts was sought after by large advertisers. Facebook ads are available, and they appear in the feed, but there were no tools to make it more widely seen, or to learn about the performance of your ad. This recent discovery shows that it’s not long to wait now.

It is unknown so far how exactly the system will work. Is it going to be available only for business users, or for everyone? Will the boosted posts be marked accordingly, or will they just randomly appear in the feed? Will there be completely different business and regular accounts, as they will shortly require different interfaces? Instagram has refused to comment on any of that, leaving us to our imagination. Well, the changes were only found in the latest version of the app, so I guess there’s not much time left until we see this major business move.



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