Paola Antonini as a role-model

10817888_1064146183623584_1031395079_nThe path to success can be tough and menacing, but those doomed to succeed will not escape their destiny. In 2014, a Brazilian model Paola Antonini (@paola_antonini)  has survived a tragic car accident, after which she has lost her left leg. Unlike many other accident survivors, she decided to go without hiding her prosthetic limb. She decided to continue to live like nothing tragic ever happened.

And hell, she does! Apart from keeping herself in great modelly shape, she shows her followers that with positive attitude and access to modern medicine even a physically challenged person can conduct a life full of joy. Pictures of this strong young woman are inspiring, and she seems like a good role-model for girls with various disabilities, trying to live a happy life despite the everyday struggle.

Even classic “two sausages”-type of beach pictures seems unique because in Paola’s case it’s more like “a sausage and a metal joint”. And actually she can be a new trend-maker: if regular fashion is one of Instagram’s biggest fields, a new amputee-fashion modeling can bloom as well, thanks to courageous and adventurous people like Paola Antonini.



photo-1460750860062-82a52139a0d6Even though it’s a couple days late, May the fourth be with you, fellow follower! And may the May be with you. Forever. But May the 4th, as well as May in general, occurs every year, while it’s unique for Facebook to pay $10 000 to a 10-year old boy. Finnish schoolboy has won Zuckerberg’s “bug bounty” for exploiting the flaw in the comment section, allowing to delete anyone’s comment. “Even Justin Bieber’s” – he said. Well, good luck with your new bike and football, little youtube-coding-taught genius!
Coming back to Bieber, the singer has hit a record of 3.6 million likes on his throwback picture with Selena Gomez, beating last year’s indubitable leader – Kendall Jenner. Was it for picture’s blurriness, or Selena’s short “Perfect” in the comments – but fans of both celebrities exploded with enthusiasm about them getting together.
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O29pdxNHello this is your Friday gentle reminder. It’s been over a year since we started to give people a possibility to wipe their accounts. During this time we helped tens of thousands aspiring Instagrammers to clean up their profiles, to make some room to discover new sources of inspiration. And they clearly appreciated it. And we don’t plan to stop.

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Instarockin’ Celebs

11311327_898523006850108_874786970_nInstagram seems to have taken its foot off the gas, letting people get used to its recent innovative updates, so it’s time to take a look at stars in terms of their social media routine.

Kloe Kardashian, the least popular Kardashian on Instagram, except for her sister Kourtney, continues the family tradition to wash dirty linen in public. She was trying to come together with her ex Lamar Odom, but things don’t seem to work out for them, which was the reason behind Kloe’s “letting go” letter. But while it’s not about Kim and Kanye, the story doesn’t even seem to begin to be interesting.

Second news from Hollywood sparkled after Modern Family’s Ariel Winters posted numerous beach shots. Having recently turned 18, Ariel seems to have become very confident of her body, especially after breast reduction surgery she had this winter. It looks like her older screen-sister from Modern Family, Sarah Hyland, will have to soon be worried about her nerdy sisters’ Instagram fan base that will shortly be bigger than some European countries’ population.

The last story shows clearly how huge Instagram has become as a news medium. Russian model Irina Shayk and Hollywood playboy Bradley Cooper have made an official confirmation of their relationships on Instagram by posting the first picture together. Faces are not visible in the picture, but loyal fans immediately recognized Bradley’s chest hair. Well, let us wish this beautiful couple eternal love and express the hope they won’t be a reason for another break-up scandal.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHello this is your Friday gentle reminder. Strangely, this week went without any major occurrences on the medium, except for one funny accident that happened to a British mother who shared a picture of a cake. Instagram’s algorithms decided that the icing on the cake seemed like breast, and blocked both the picture and the account. Later on, the situation was clarified, the account was restored and the official apologies were presented.

It seems that Instagram’s antagonism towards women breasts will not languish anytime soon. Without going into specifics, let’s just express the hope that #freethenipple movement will finally take over the right to show whatever they want.

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Leverage profits with Instagram

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Hello this is your Friday gentle reminder! Instagram is an ever-changing platform, constantly improving all the sides of its functioning. Just like its mother company – Facebook – Instagram never stops seeking new ways to please the users, but at the same time, they implicitly tout the virtue of innovations. Although, like with the recent feed update, the improvements are often received ungraciously.
When we judge a news, the first impression is not always the correct one. It doesn’t matter what aim they have in mind, Instagram only wants to serve you better. But its frequent alterations bother many conservative users who appreciated the simplicity and straightforwardness that initially attracted them.
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It’s gettin’ better!

DSC_0007_1250 (1)Behold, Instagram lovers! Last week, apart from the alterations in feed algorithm, something much more pleasant and long-expected happened. We’ve all been hoping for his for a long time, and now our dreams (at least partly) have come true: our favorite social network has added a new set of functions to its web-interface.

Not to string you along, there’s no way to do what so many people are desperately dreaming about: posting from the web. Nevertheless, the number of actions that are possible to perform in a web version have increased thanks to new activity tab, showing the information, identical to the notification tab in the app.

Another precious addition is the ability to not just follow and unfollow people, but to see the lists of followers and following. The update is not a game-changer, it will not affect deep aspects of the medium’s functioning, but for social media enthusiasts and exceptional Instagram lovers, it will give more flexibility and accessibility.


photo-1438109491414-7198515b166bHello this is your Friday gentle reminder. Instagram is changing so fast that even a weekly overview can’t keep up with it. We’ll take a look at their latest update – additional functions of the web interface – next Monday. Now is time for a little intrigue.

We here at Fast-Unfollow are constantly working on the improvement of the service to move with the time. And now we are preparing a major update that, we hope, will revolutionize the field of Instagram unfollowing. We’ll keep the details a secret, in order to make this surprise even more pleasant.

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New feed algorithm

DeathtoStock_Medium10It was announced earlier, that Instagram was going to launch a new feed sorting algorithm shortly. They didn’t make us wait too long, and now it’s officially released. The algorithm itself is thought to be similar to the one of Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, it will take into account different characteristics, like the account who made the post, or time of the day it was published. Users allegedly miss about 70% of their feed, to minimize the loss is the aim of this update. But that’s not all.

The sorting system will work in favor of sponsored posts as well. With Instagram’s now tested and proven promotion mechanisms of ad targeting, you will receive some amount of paid images among your followings’ posts. This is one of the reasons why users are so angry with this news. The other aspect was reflected in today’s TechCrunch article “The death of Instagram for brands”, where they analyze how the alteration of the basis of the real-time feed will affect user experience.

We here at Fast-Unfollow will not jump to conclusions as we are pretty confident in Instagram and Facebook’s administration, but still we can’t help but express our concerns about possible future infringements by both users, trying to avoid the filtering or benefit from it, and companies, who would have nothing else to do but to buy advertising, without carrying about decent media profile.